Jiang lab officially started in Janurary of 2024 in the Biodesgin Center for Mechnisms of Evolution at Arizona State University. Please reach out to Pengyao Jiang ( to discuss the opportunities.

Jiang lab sits at the intersection of genetics, genomics, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, and computational biology. We welcome enthusiastic students at different levels of experience, of either experimental or quantitative backgrounds. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply. Note that only inquiries that comply with all the instructions will be considered. Please do not send extra materials. Please include the relevant position name (e.g. prospective Ph.D. student or postdoc) in the title of your email. I will get back to you within one week if your inquiry is relevant to my lab.

Graduate students

Update (2/15/2024): This year’s recruitment for PhD students has concluded.

PhD students are recruited once a year through graduate programs. Graduate students from different programs of School of Life Sciences at ASU (e.g. Evolutionary Biology Program, Molecular/Cellular Biology Program, Biology Program) can join the group. Perspective graduate students, students (including master students) from other departments and rotation students are welcome to reach out. Note that graduate students still need to be admitted through the specific graduate programs.

For prospective graduate students, there is new Presidential Graduate Assistantship opportunities for incoming doctoral students who advances ASU charter.

Please send (1) a current CV and (2) your research interest or ideas of what you want to work on in my lab via email (please do not simply copy what I have written on my site). Your email or cover letter should concisely summarize the most relevant experience and interest and do not exceed 1 page in length.

Postdoctoral fellows

Update (2/15/2024): Currently I don’t plan to recruit any postdoctoral scholars.

When I do, please send (1) cover letter (in email is fine) that includes the names and contacts for three references and a short statement of your research interests with the relavance to research themes in my lab, (2) a current CV via email.

Please list at least two referees who are in the supervisor (PI) position in your past role(s).

Undergraduate students

I will take some curious undergraduate students from ASU to participate in my research. Students should have taken either basic biology/genetics course or have taken a programming/mathematical course. Please send (1) current resume or CV via email, (2) your research interest and what you want to learn in my lab and (3) your short-term/long-term goal. We will also need student helpers, and we will start recruiting after the hiring of a lab manager.